Submarine Swap Refund

Swap didn't work? Receive a refund for your swap.

You saved these details when you requested the swap.

Swap transaction not found. If you know the transaction details please use the offline-recovery mode to recover.
You saved this redeem script when you requested the swap.
Broadcasting before this block will not return your funds.
Select the swap address you sent to.
Find the transaction id that sends to the swap address.
Use the output index that sends to the swap address.
The complete amount sent in the send to the swap address.
Please select a good fee in sat/vbyte you are comfortable paying.
WIF encoded private key.
Pay your refund back to this address
Failed to create refund transaction.
The refund timeout has not yet been reached.
The fee used is too high and would result in dust.
Signed version of your refund transaction
Refund Transaction Created!
Broadcast to the network:
Funds will return to